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Meet The Founder

Yvonne Porter 

Tax Professional, EA, COO of iTAX 

I’m Yvonne Porter a serial entrepreneur, who have spent over 20 years as an entrepreneur and 15 years as a tax professional. As a tax professional I have assisted in over 23,400 tax returns, over 1000 IRS audits and currently COO at iTAX a tax firm in the Atlanta, GA area. I hold a MBA from Depaul University Kellstadt Graduate school of Business. I love taxes and helping people. I hope you can benefit from my knowledge and expertise to take the taboo and fear out of taxes while using the tax codes to your advantage. 

What if I could help you take the dread out of taxes? 

Taxes are a part of everyday life, but so is our money. Why be intimidated by how its taxed! They rely on us to be honest about our financial gains to come up with a fair tax rate. Yes, there are guidelines like everything in life but what if I told you that you have the power to control how your money is taxed and spent just by following the rules. Let us educate and inform you on the dos and don’ts of taxes.

It’s your money and you earned it so be confident and prepared in maximizing your tax return. The tax code is a bit intimidating because of all the information. It doesn’t matter what your background is when you complete this course you will understand the tax code and how you can minimize your tax obligations and risk while saving you time and money! 

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